Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've been Ink'd!

I see an entire month has snuck by again since my last posting... where did the time go!? Actually, work has been truly hectic (I work in tourism!) and I've just been completely exhausted. I cannot wait for Labor Day weekend... then perhaps I can take a bit of time off myself! lol

Anyway... I've been doing a hunt here and hunt there, and have a couple of wonderful items to show off! (I am in the process of replacing the pictures in this blog... weird light stuff showed up that didn't show up when I took the photos. :( The new ones are a little boring, but at least you can see the items now. )

First up, the lovely Aya Love dress. This is Boho's offering for the Platinum Hunt.

You are searching for a little black ring box with a pearl inside of it. There are slightly over a hundred stops in this hunt, and while you do have to pay $L10 per hunt item, the stores taking part in the hunt were hand selected, and represent some of the best designers that SL has to offer.

I'm not planning on doing the full hunt (100 X $L10= $L1000 after all!), but I've been looking at various blogs and seeing what items others have gotten in this hunt, and then gone after the items that interested me.

Also, the hair I am wearing in these photos is Exile's offering to the Platinum Hunt. It is called Samara and you get a fatpack of colors for just a measly $L10! Cute isn't it? :)

Next up, Reale's Dancing Star Dress from the Platinum Hunt. The details on this dress are just stunning, and you will truly feel like the queen of the dance floor, even if you've got two left feet!

Now if I'd been thinking more clearly, I would have also shown you the Platinum Hunt offering from Heartsick. But I wasn't, so you'll just have to trust me that it is a very nice skin prize for just a little tiny bit of linden! :)

The other hunt I've been doing is the Ink'd Hunt. I love collecting tattoos in SL... interesting since in RL I have a needle phobia, and just thinking of getting a tattoo makes me break out into a cold sweat! lol But I admire them on other people though, and ease (and lack of needles) of getting them in SL makes them damn near irresistible! Please note that the tape pasties or panties worn are not part of the tattoo, and I am just wearing them modesty's sake.

Though I mentioned the Ink'd Hunt, only one of the following tattoos is an actual Ink'd Hunt prize. But here we go....

This is Endless Pain's offering to the Gear Hunt at Industry Mall. It is a wonderful full body Celtic/Nordic inspired Tattoo. This hunt has been going on for a few weeks, so I'm not sure how much longer it will last... however, the gear was still there as of this posting, so make a run for it if you fancy it!

Next are a couple of freebie sleeve tattoos from Back & Writer:



Though I haven't tried it, these are said to be tintable! You will find the wall vendor for these in the building to the right of the landing area.

V Tattoo Shop
is one of the stores taking part in the Ink'd Hunt, along with the Summer-Doesn't-End Hunt. There are actually two prizes to hunt for in the Ink'd Hunt...the tattoo which I'm going to show you, and a belly piercing which I didn't think to take a picture of. Sorry!

But first, I'm going to show the Dragon tattoo prize for the Summer-Doesn't-End Hunt. This tattoo comes with a white and a black color option.

And this is the tattoo prize for the Ink'd Hunt:

This tattoo comes in three different intensities (faded, light, and dark) and comes on multiple layers, including the new tattoo layer! I am in love with this tattoo, and have been wearing it almost constantly since I got it!:)

I had the pleasure of meeting Van Naimarc, the owner and creator of V Tattoo Shop, the other night, and found him to be friendly and helpful. I complimented him on his work and expressed my amazement that such a beautiful gift was being given as a hunt prize. He responded that he wants to put the same quality into his gifts as he does the items that he sells. His store isn't the best known at this time, but hopefully more people will find out about it through these hunts. I'm also going to do my part by shouting it out in my own little corner of the SL universe. :)

I liked his work so well, I went back today and bought the Dragon Fish tattoo!

Skin- Mango, Mango! Pussycat Pale- past Humpday Happiness item
Dragon Lady Manicure & Ring- Love Soul- past hunt prize
Poses- Sweet Lovely Cute- Past gift