Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hunting For My Inner Naughty Girl

Ok, ok... The real title should be Hunt for Your Inner Slut, but I figured I'd leave that for the meat of the blog, rather than slam it into the title to try to protect those of more delicate sensibilities. If that ain't you, then read on, mon ami! *grins*

First off, yeah... I haven't blogged anything in about a kabillion years. And I have to admit that there hasn't been anything that I've gotten recently that has inspired me to take the time to blog it.

Sure, Ive gotten some wonderful things on hunts and group gifts that have been outstandingly beautiful and that I have loved...but nothing that moved me to the point of taking the time to set up a photo shoot, figure out all the credits and lms, and then sit down to write about it. Nothing! Well... that, and my over-bloated inventory might have something to do with it, too.

Now why did this particular dress finally kick me hard enough to take the time and effort to blog it? While it is as sexy as the day is long (and being Summer the days are pretty long here), it isn't fancy, but it is just amazingly well done.

Also, when I popped by to say goodnight to my SO, after not having seen me all day, he gave me a hug, L$10, and instructions that he wanted a good picture of me in the dress. *laughs* I don't recall that ever happening before... there's just something about this dress, I tell ya!

So, since I was already setting up for a little picture taking session, why not blog it? So here ya go... Just click on the pictures to see a larger view.

It is the Facil dress in F**k Me Red from Elymode. While the dress is very alluring and sexy, it also covers all your pixels, so you can wear it with no issues onto that PG sim... they don't need to know what the name of color is! The dress also comes with a bandeau top option (not shown).

Be aware that the skirt attachment is partial MESH, so you will need the appropriate viewer to wear the skirt. This is my first experience with a MESH "garage door style" skirt attachment, and I have to say I am loving it. It was easy to fit, took the dress layers textures beautifully, and it moves with me... no hard prim edge jutting out from my hip as I move!

Elymode is the starting point for the Hunt for Your Inner Slut which runs from now until Sept. 15, 2012. You will be looking for a butterfly, and the hint is "Don't let this hint STUMP you!". It isn't hard to find, and well worth stopping to pick-up the dress even if you don't wish to do the entire hunt.

The hunt isn't very long at 40-odd stores, but you will need to be age verified since some of the stops will take you into adult sims. Here's a link to the hunt's hints page.

I am also wearing the single fishnet stocking which is part of the HYIS prize from Bazookas.

My fishnet gloves are a new release from Sn@tch. While they aren't free, they match so well with the Elymode dress it is hard to believe that they came from two different designers. The Wasted Glory Fishnet Glove Fatpack is L$150 and can be found on the new release wall.

I hesitate to show you the boots closer, because 1) They aren't free, and 2) This particular color -Vamp- was a special edition for the One Voice Fund Raising Event last month. If it is available in store, I was not able to locate it. But they are exquisite and I want to show them off.

They are the MESH Desire Ankle Boots by Gos. While the availability of the dark red Vamp color shown is unknown, there are other colors for sale at Gos for L$595 each. There is a change script in the boots, so you have a couple of options for changing up the color of the metal accents.

I remember when I was at the One Voice Event, I kept going back and looking at these boots. I must have gone back and looked at them four or five times before finally hitting buy. I'm glad I did... I love them. *smiles*

While I was setting up to take the above pictures, Rizzo Corset in Pink, the monthly Blacklace group gift, landed in my lap... so I figured... What the heck? Snap a picture of it too, and add it to the blog entry. Blacklace makes some of the finest quality lingerie in SL, and by joining the inworld group, you gain access to monthly group gifts...often one of lingerie and one of make-up. It does cost L$99 to join, but one gift will more than offset the joining fee. Look for the gift in the group notices or look for it at the mainstore.

And hey...look! I wrote a blog post! Yay for me! :) Until next time... maybe in another kabillion years, but hopefully sooner.


Hmmm... most of my links aren't working for me. Gos was the only one that let me tp using it. May be my error or SL's. I'll leave them be for the time being... all the stores can be searched for inworld,and Elymode and Bazookas can be reached via the hunt hint page since that link is also working. Sorry about that... maybe I'm rusty...

Other credits:


Poetic Colors- Nightfall Eyes in Orchid- currently a FREE! fatpack of MESH & non-MESH eyes in varying sizes and brightnesses. Says tester, but they are completely wearable, and not a demo


LAQ- Phoebe2 in fair- Not free


Truth- Charmaine in Jupiter w/roots (Gingers Pack)- Not free


M.O.C.K.- past group gifties- Fee to join (L$250) Mockie is always spoiling her group members with gifts, so it is worth the price!


Rack- Waiting (includes hand cuffs)- Dollarbie, other gifts available- poses are of an adult nature, so be warned if you go. :p

Also, Rack is participating in the HYIS and Dare2Bare hunts, so look around and maybe take home a couple more steamy hot poses!