Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dreaming of somewhere warm...

I'm being blasted with an Arctic front where I live in RL, so I thought I'd head to someplace with a white sand beach and palm trees in SL. Hmmm...I don't think it is working... my nose is still cold.

But a gift of new eyes from Poetic Colors goes a long way to warming my heart! Check out these lovely peepers...

The color is called Christmas Fairy. Poetic Colors has some of the finest eyes in all of SL. So many eyes, especially free or inexpensive eyes, look solid or flat, and the shine leaves something to be desired. Not PC eyes! They have depth, translucency, and a gorgeous, realistic-looking shine. And here's your chance to pick up a pair for free!

Included in the gift bag is a color variation for a more mystical or dark elf look...

There is also a pair of eye lights that you can wear to give the eyes even more shine. I've never seen these attachments before, but I am wearing them with the "dark" set of eyes.

And...if you are a new resident of SL (under 30 days old) there is a beautiful gift of green eyes for you. Just look for the sign just outside the store entrance. Sadly, I didn't find out about PC until I was much older than 30 days, but my friend Annah was lucky enough to find out about them in time to grab a set. She says they have become her normal eyes. She was kind enough to model them and let me snap a picture of them. Yes, she's another red head!

The hair I am modeling in this next photo is a freebie from Amacci called Danina, and it comes in a HUGE fatpack of colors. That is one high ponytail!

It is on the wall by the lucky chair at Amacci. There are a few other freebies on the wall there, including another fatpack of hair. You will want to check them all out!

And finally, the outfits I am wearing in the photos below come from Mischief. The first one is called Rock Me, Roll Me, and it is a welcome gift when you join the Subscribo group.

It is a jeans and ribbed tank set... I just love the adorable lacing detail in the back of the shirt, and the embellishments on the jeans!

This next outfit is also by Mischief, and although it isn't free (around $200L), it is one of my favorites, so I had to include it. It is called Lucie, and you will definitely turn heads while wearing this little black dress!

Other items worn:

Skin- Rockberry (past group gift)
eStyle (Annah's skin... not free)

Hair- Diversity (Brat-dollarbie)
Jolie Femme (Annah's hair... not free)

Shape- My own regular shape
eStyle (Annah's... not free)

Shoes- Ncore (free-group gift)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome to My Home!

Blackthorn in cyan

Ok... this isn't really my home. This is a crypt at Event Horizon, which is the "garden store" of an amazing three part sim created by designer Dare Munro.

Dark Eternity is the main section of the sim, and is dominated by the huge and brooding castle of Dare Designs. Walk inside, and you will find an amazing selection of gothic and vamp inspired clothing for men and women. I've purchased a number of outfits here, and am always impressed with the care and detailing that Dare puts into each and every one. While his men's clothing line is of very high quality, this a designer who obviously loves to clothe the female form. On his profile he states that his creative motto is this..."You're already beautiful - I'm just helping you see it."

I'd say about half my wardrobe inventory comes from Dare Designs, and this is why...

Dare Munro has generously set out four Lucky Chairs, and loads them with high quality items. Often, when he releases a new design, he will place one or two colors of that design in the chairs. The chairs are set at 30 minutes, but usually change much faster than that due to the fact that there is almost always a crowd around the chairs, and a in-world chat group that often has someone calling the letters to the group. So, the chairs can change pretty fast!

What I said earlier about Event Horizon not being my home... well that is true, because Dark Eternity is my home, and I mean that in all sincerity.

When I first landed in SL, like most everyone else, I wandered from sim to sim. When I logged in and out, it was wherever I happened to be at the time.

Then I came across a hunt blog, and they showed some of the hunt items from DD. I liked what I saw, so I hot-footed it over there. I remember seeing a big crowd of people standing around staring at the chairs. Not knowing exactly what they were doing, I shook my head, thought "How silly!", and continued with my hunt.

I can't remember what drew me back to DD exactly, but soon I found myself taking a closer look at what the crowd was doing. I started hanging out more and more at the chairs, winning all these wonderful goth outfits... and then I started paying attention to the local chat while I was there. It wasn't long before I was completely hooked, and enjoying the camaraderie of the regulars just as much as I enjoyed winning the outfits. I've missed more than a few chairs because I was just too deeply involved with chat! lol

I don't hang out as much at Dare's as I once did (RL has gotten a bit more demanding), but since I don't own or rent my own home in SL (and have no plans to do so for the foreseeable future), I almost always return to Dare's castle when I am about to log out of SL. That way I know exactly what to expect when I next log in... familiar surroundings, familiar faces. In other words... I'm home.

Here are selection of outfits that I've won from the Dare Chairs over the past months. Some may no longer be in the chairs, but may have been replaced by new items.

One of my all-time favorite outfits... Blood Doll (shown in wine)

Muse in purple

Dominar in blood

And finally...

STFU in dark bubblegum

This is just a small sample of the items that I've won from the lucky chairs here. I'll show you more later on. :) Being one of my favorite places in SL, you better believe I'm going to blog again on Dare Designs in Dark Eternity!

Other items worn:
Webbed from Darkerside (not free) shown with Blackthorn outfit
Brat from Diversity (dollarbie fat pack) worn with Blood Doll & STFU
Jess from Diversity (dollarbie fat pack) worn with Muse & Dominar

Goth Whites #1 from [42] (not free, but a cheapie if I recall) [42] seems to no longer exist... my apologies

Deep Jungle from Poetic Colors (not free but may have different gift eyes in store)

Vic 6-Laces Knee-Boots V.2 with color change laces from VvB Stiletto Heels (not free)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still learning about blog layout... ;)

I'm still new to blogging and still trying to get the hang of things. So, please be patient with me. :)

In these two photos, I got in closer to show the details of hair and skin I am wearing.

First up, the hair... Truth Hair sent a four color pack of Festive Geri Hair out today to group members! It is super adorable with its ornament bedecked pigtails, and a sprinkling of snowflakes. Just head over to Truth Hair and slap the subscribo board to join, then slap it again, and look through the past messages to find the post about the hair! It was a bit laggy there earlier, but I got mine without too much heartache!

Second, let's talk about the skin I'm wearing. Rockberry is one of my favorite skin stores in SL. Affordable and well-made, they were some of the first skins I began wearing once I shed my newbie skin! Rockberry also gives out group gifts and participates in hunts fairly regularly, which will nicely add to your skin wardrobe without breaking your pocketbook!

This skin is Rockberry's offering to the Peace on Earth Hunt. It is part of the Farrah line, and comes in a fat pack of colors ranging from very light (which I am wearing) to a lovely, deep mocha. It even allows you to tint your lipstick! I darkened mine up a bit, since I tend to prefer darker shades. To get these skins, tp on over to Rockberry and look for a world globe with a dove on it. Click it, and enjoy your beautiful new skins! Rockberry also has lucky boards, so make sure and peek to see if your letter is there, and don't forget to join the group. Like I said, sometimes there are member gifts!

Other items worn-
Earrings-Primalot (free or cheap, not sure which)

Necklace-M!NE The necklace is color change! (gift from Jewelry Fair)

Eyelashes... Symphony Skins (Freebie on make-up table)

Eyes... Poetic Colors (not free) but there was a different color offered as a gift last time I was there. Also, an under-30-days-old avatar gift was available next to the door. Grab it if you can!

Shape...Hairapy (old dollarbie gift from Hairfair '09) Though I've modded it quite a bit.

Welcome to December!

Welcome Everyone!

Yes, here it is... another blog dedicated to free and cheap fashion, hunt finds, and every now and again, the occasional full-priced indulgence! I can almost hear the groaning out in cyberspace now. lol

First off, here it is December 2nd already! (Where did the past year go?) And the holiday season is in full swing in SL. I just joined up on SL this past summer, so I had no idea of quite what to expect in-world. Advent calendars? Winterfest? I'm learning more and more about SL every time I log on, it seems.

Many sims are decked out in their best holiday finery... it may not be snowing where you live in rl, but you can find a beautiful snowy sim in which to snap a holiday photo of yourself in SL. And that calls for a new holiday look for yourself, right?

The outfit I am wearing is the lovely Enelya Gown from Mainoco Fashion. Mainoco Fashion is taking part in the Bohemia Christmas Hunt. Just look for the snowman and type “Vesele Vanoce” when prompted. Vesele Vanoce is Czech for "Merry Christmas". My photo doesn't do this dress justice by a long shot. It comes with three skirt styles... full ballgown, slim formal, and the flirty and fun short style I'm wearing here.