Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let the Bright Seraphim...

Rejoice! (sorry... I was a vocal major in college, and always end up with that Handel aria stuck in my head when thinking about the Seraphim group)

Yesterday, the folks at Seraphim blog announced that nearly 50 designers had contributed thank you gifts for their inworld group members.

Just join the Seraphim in-world group (free!), head over to their new HQ, and start gathering up your goodies! This is the second time that members of the Seraphim group have gotten spoiled recently, so you might want to stay tuned to this group.

These aren't my favorite photos that I've ever taken, but I've tried to showcase many of the gifts... keep in mind that everything shown below, EXCEPT for my hair, eyes, shape (in most of the photos), collar, and backgrounds, are free gifts from Seraphim HQ. And this isn't everything by a long shot!

So here we go....

Shown in the photos above are gifts from (listed in mostly alphabetical order, and forgive me if I miss you!)- Anatomy, Cheeky Pea, croire, Forsaken, Fuzzy Bee, Hysteria, Insanya, Leri Miles Designs, LouLou&Co, Magnifique, Melino Style, Michigans Shack, Mock, Molichino, Oasis Furniture, Razorblade Jacket, STaTUS, Step inSide, The Strawberry Box, TuttiFruitti, Wrong, Es' cusi, SweetAntidote, and alterego.

As you can see, there is a bit of everything... skin, make-up, tattoos, shoes, clothes, furniture, food items, outdoor decor, poses, shapes... even a motorcycle that I didn't show! And I forgot to show the gift from The Sea Hole, but they have one there, too!

So what are you waiting for? Get on it! :)


It took some doing, a bit of heartache, and a fair bit of cussing, but here is a look at that wedding gown that I promised you in my post from earlier this evening.

Breathtaking, isn't it? And it comes with two skirt options... a charming, less formal cocktail length...and...

the dramatic full cathedral length train.

The dress comes with the flowered headpiece, so all you have to do is add a pair of white shoes, perhaps some silk stockings, and you will be good to go on your big day.

So, if you have wedding bells in your future, head over to Hello World, join the ARice group (free to join, and a group join board is conveniently located right next to the lucky board), wade into the water (you need to be close to the board as I found out the hard way on a wildcard... thus the cussing!), and wait... Or shell out a few linden (L$250, I think) and buy the dress from the nearby vendor.

Other credits-
See previous post 11-15-11

Magnifique Poses (past hunt item)
LAP- (past hunt item)

Clawtooth- Modern Gibson (not free, new release)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saying Hello at the World's End

World's End Garden has a beautiful gown set out as a grand opening gift at their RMK Gothic Mall location.

Remove the skirt, and it becomes a gorgeous lingerie set. All you have to do is tp on over and pick yours up!

And while you are at the Gothic Mall, head over to Frozen Night, where the beautiful Widow Hat awaits you.

I know it is rather hard to see the details, and my picture doesn't do it justice, but it is lovely, and will be a great addition to your gothy wardrobe!

While wandering around the Gothic Mall, I stumbled across a store with beautiful dresses at very modest prices. Intrigued, I went to the mainstore, and found myself confronted by a wildcard luck board with a beautiful dress as the prize! Quickly, I hit it... Group Only! Oh no! No worries, I'm quick on my feet... I hit the ARice group join board (hoping that I still had a group space open) and joined (for free!). Moments later the lovely Fable dress from Hello World was mine!

While still basking in the glow of my good luck, I noticed the group gift board just to the right of it, and snagged (bad choice of words when talking about knitted items) the soft and very cuddly Sheep Knit Sweater in turquoise.

It looks so warm and cozy, it makes me want one in rl. :)

While I was looking around the store, I spotted another freebie dress. The flowered Pop Textile Dress is free to everyone... no need to join the group for this one.

It is very lovely, but rather summery... so it may need to go back into my closet until next June!

The shoes are a fatpack dollarbie (well, actually a two dollarbie!) from the Dressing Room. You will have to visit both The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue to get these shoes... one stop has just the right foot shoes, the other has just the left foot shoes. They aren't hard to find at either location (in plain sight at the landing point) and well worth the two trips. The flowers on them are even color change, so you have lots of options to mix and match. Also, grab the halloween dollarbie version nearby at The Dressing Room Blue location. I'm not sure how long these shoes will be out, so if you like them, go get them, because they will likely be gone when The Dressing Room Blue changes.

My hair is Glitter Party, Clawtooth's offering for the latest Collabor88. While it isn't free, it is only L$88 per color pack. Collabor88 showcases a variety of designers, who offer specially discounted items at the price of... you guessed it!... $L88.

Oh... and I might also mention, there is another group lucky board at Hello World. It is somewhat hidden in the recessed water feature in the center of the store, but if you are fortunate enough to hit your letter, the stunning Pure Wedding gown will be yours. I'm still waiting on mine... even as we speak! If I get lucky and manage to grab one, I'll post it here. In the meantime, I'll wait. Just like I'm waiting for the proverbial Mister Right. *sighs* Just kidding!... kinda...

Other credits:
Poses- LAP, Everglow, SLC, Olive Juice, Exposeur (past gifts)
Eyes- Poetic Colors (free gift... rotates regularly)
Skin- LAQ(not free)
Collar- PixelFashion (not free)
Rose Leggings- Purplemoon (not free)