Friday, October 22, 2010

In Requiem...

We'll hit the freebie, cheapie goodness here in a moment, but first, I'd like to take a moment and remember my sweet girl, Fritzi.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had a sick kitty. It grieves me to say, she didn't make it. That little cat meant more to me than I can say. She was my companion, my friend, even in someways, my child.

She was born on my kitchen floor in June of 1996... tiny, blind, pink, and helpless. Dried off, she turned out to be covered in fine white hair. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, she began to develop the tell-tale dark nose and ears indicating a Siamese heritage. While not a pure-bred by any means, she grew into the prettiest little Himalayan wannabee you could have imagined with the biggest, darkest blue eyes I've ever seen.

Despite her small size, weighing in at only perhaps seven or eight pounds, she had a completely out sized personality and attitude. She was also intensely shy... had you come to my house, chances were good you would have never seen her... unless you looked under the bed.

Though never a snuggler, she was affectionate... sleeping next to me, or sometimes, perched on my hip. She had the ability to make me laugh, charming me into petting her with those giant blue eyes.

She died October 7th, and left a hole in my heart and my world.

This post is just a small way of letting the world know that once there was a beautiful little cat named Fritzi, and that she was, and is, greatly beloved by me.

I miss you, Baby, and love you so very, very much. Wherever you are, be happy and be at peace.

Now to make a clumsy transition to SL fashion...

I only started venturing back in world yesterday, but I did find a few goodies (nothing like hunting down free or cheap fashion to distract the mind). It is just one look, and I'm not going to say too much about it. Check the credits at the end of the blog for information.

The skin is a new to me... Inka. If you've followed my blog at all, you will know that I usually go with the pale and red-headed look, so the darker, latin-look of the Inka skins are a bit of a change for me. But they are really pretty, and change is good... or so I have been told.

The skin I am wearing is one of the Nina skins, and as of this posting, is $L10 for a pack of six make-ups. However, it was supposed to go up to regular price yesterday, and the owner (Inka Mexicola)is in the store as I write this... so I wouldn't be surprised if the price changes here shortly. If it hasn't, there is another skin line called Barbie right next to the vendor for Nina, and it too, is currently $L10. There are also some group gifts, and a picks reward skin available. These skins are very nice quality, and very glamorous. Definitely worth checking out, even for a normally translucent girl, such as myself.

The photos were taken on the new Heartsick sim... I wanted a fall look and remembered it was a beautiful build. However, it proved to be a bit challenging... unbeknownest to me, Heartsick is having a mini-hunt! So, I had to time the photo snaps between hunters roaming through the background. I haven't seen the prizes yet, but there are 13 little ghosts scattered about the sim, each cost a $L1... but knowing Heartsick's quality, I am sure they are wonderful!


Skin- Nina- Inka (currently $L10 for a pack of six make-ups. Price likely to change any moment)
Shirt- Schwarz- group gift (part of a full outfit)- $L10 group join fee
Scarf- Schwarz- Cute Ghost Hunt Prize #16 $L1
Pants- B&T Fashionland- Cute Ghost Hunt Prize #12 $L1
Hair- Analog Dog- Baby Cocoa- free (in the translucent bubbles on the beach... this hair has been blogged to death by now, but it is really pretty!)
Eyes- Poetic Colors- Sunny Glade (not free, unless you are under 30 days old)