Friday, January 28, 2011

Earth girls may be easy...

but alien girls are out of this world!

When I saw that this week's color challenge was Emerald, I knew I wanted to revisit a blast from my past.

Long ago, there was an excellent, but short lived goth club called Penance on the Gas Light sim. Like many dance clubs, they had themed costume nights. This was my entry for the "Best in Green" night. I'm not sure what spirit of creativity possessed me to pull this look together (I'm usually far less adventurous with my looks!), but I loved it enough to save it as an outfit in my inventory, something I rarely do. If I recall correctly, I also won the costume prize that night, and it prompted this memorable quip from Dare Munro, "Look! It is the Great Gazoo's hot cousin!"

Like I said, Penance was short-lived, but came at a point in my life when I was very lonely and depressed. The hours I spent there taught me to laugh again, sometimes to the point of tears, and I took away a number of friendships with the regulars there, and many, many memories that still can make me laugh today.

I'm putting up more photos than usual, just because I was having fun snapping them and couldn't choose a favorite among them. You can also see that I started playing with the windlight presets, and enjoying the different effects that they gave to the scene. None of these photos have been processed in anyway save for cropping, and are as they appeared inworld.

Hmmm... I wonder what happens if I use a different windlight setting...?


I really must remember to take note of which settings I used...

Ok... this was the Chernobel one! Not sure about the two settings though...

My apologies... all of these items have been in my inventory for about a year and half or more. Therefore, most of the items are no longer available for free, others may not be available at all.


Skin- Stringer Mausoleum- Deep Skin- C7-Shangra Mer (This one is still available for free at the Fab Free Headquarters) This isn't the correct lm to Fab Free, it is in the Car Wash sim...will grab the correct one next time I'm inworld.

Hair- Stringer Mausoleum- Pincushion- (Hair Fair 2009 dollarbie... now available at Mainstore at the regular price of L$250- L$300 depending on the color pack)

Eyes- Ibanez Eyes- Halcyon- Holy Water (past fair freebie, but check out the lucky chair and MM board)

Outfit- Dare Designs- Fury (past lucky chair prize...I'm not sure if this outfit is still in the lucky chair rotation, but there are many, many other wonderful outfits to be won even if it isn't)

Shoes- Deviant Designs- Heathen Ballet Boot (past profile pix gift... can be bought in store for the regular price. Also, there are a bunch of group gifts to be had on a table near the landing point)

Cuffs- Ripped- Punishment Bracer (past hunt gift)

By the way... it's not easy bein' green

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life in Neutral

I finally decided to take up LunaJubilee's color challenge, and what color do I decide to jump in on? Taupe! I'm not really a neutral-tones kind of girl, so I'm really not sure what possessed me to try taupe. Oh well, life is full of mysteries, I suppose.

While I liked the idea of the color challenge, I've been dragging my feet to participate in it. This being primarily a freebie and cheapie blog, there is the added challenge of finding something free or inexpensive that is currently available. I wasn't sure that I was up to it, and I'm sure there will be weeks that I will miss due to RL duties or just not being able to come up with something that I am happy with in that week's color.

But without further delay, here is my submission for taupe...


Eyes- Poetic Color- Blue Autumn (past gift, current free color Moroccan Night)

Skin- Mango, Mango!- Honey Bee- pale (not free)

Hair- D!va- Akane (group gift... other group gifts and lucky chairs available, also)

Taupe Blouse- Pavement Princess (free for Taupe Week which ends 1/28)

Tank- Jane- Intrinsic Tank Tops (free fat pack. Pick-up the free lace mini skirts while you are there, too!)

Stripe tights- Shampooo (group gift... other group gifts available, also)

Belt- RFyre (past hunt gift)

Necklace- Mariposa- Peace Out (no longer available)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Movin Towards Romance

This is another lingerie post, because you can never have too many frilly, sexy girly little nothings, right? Then there was the fact that a note card from Movin group came bounding my way, announcing that a number of older items had been marked down to L$0!

So, off I went to Movin, and on the lower level, I found several lovely bra and panty sets for free.

This is just a selection of the free bra and panty sets at Movin. There are a few others to be had for no linden, along with some discounted lingerie sets in the same area.

Also, this beautiful lingerie item is still in the lucky chair.

Just cross your fingers, and hope like heck that your letter comes up! I am wearing some nipple tape from another outfit in the photo for modesty's sake... the actual item is tantalizingly sheer and peek-a-boo.


Eyes- Poetic Colors- Moroccan Nights- free

Hair- Clawtooth- Twinkle Toast- not free temporary main store

Skin- Belezza- Erika Group Gift- L$250 to join group, but very worth it! Skin still in group notices as of this posting, but that will likely change soon

Pose- Diesel Works- Past Hunt Gift

Lingerie- Movin- free and lucky chair gift

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heating up those cold winter nights

Valentine's day is coming, and all across the grid, gorgeous sexy little nothings are beginning to show up. Here's a sampling of some that I've found over the past few days...

From Blacklace, a pretty in pink corset set. Free, just click the vendor! Also there are a couple of other gift bags on the floor nearby.

Other credits:
Mary Jane Shoes- Mary Jane in Pink (not free)
Amacci Hair- Mira (not free)

From Movin

This sexy lace babydoll set is this month's group gift. Just join the group and click the gift bag next to it. You are only allowed to take one, so don't accidentally delete or misplace it in your inventory (raises hand... I found it though!)

There are also two lucky chairs at Movin where you can win these two yummies...

This is my favorite of the two lucky chair prizes. Don't you love the naughty peek-a-boo look? ;)

Sorry about the funky color in this photo, but the lingerie is white, and it is so difficult to get white to show up at all in photos. I was trying to get it so that you could actually SEE the item. It really is lovely, despite what my lack of photo skills shows. lol

Hair is from Amacci again, in the Eva and Fayne styles (not free)

And for something a bit kinkier, check out this smoking hot Midnight Mania prize from DV8...

This is the Bellringer Latex Corset- This fatpack contains four different colors with black variations giving you a total of eight different looks! I've only shown two here.

It also comes with black tape pasties, panties, garters, and stockings. This set has been in the MM board at DV8 for a few days now, and it tends to lock-down early. Don't wait on this one!

The MM board is found in the Riot Room, along with three lucky chairs, a Prizes for Picks board that gets changed up regularly, a number of inworld group gifts, and a nearby 7seas fishing hole with a darling outfit just waiting to be fished out (grab your fishing rod and go fish!)

Hair is from Amacci (again!), and it is Lily. (not free)

Other credits:

Skin- Pink Fuel- Ember (Milk)- New Blood (currently on sale for L$100 at the time of the this posting... unknown when sale ends)

Eyes- Poetic Colors- Moroccan Nights (currently free!)

Photos were taken at the public photography studio at My Nirvana (adult). Don't forget to tip at the sim's tip jar if you feel so inclined!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashionably Bald Challenge

I celebrate those of you who have fought and won.

I encourage those of you who are even now fighting.

I remember those of you who have been taken too soon.

And for the rest of us, please remember... early detection does save lives. Get regular check-ups, and remember to live fully and to live well.

Please note that this blog entry is in response to a blog challenge by Sylvia Olivier of Coffeesmoke blog in support of her friend Miss Shellbee. Miss Shellbee is soon to undergo chemo and radiation treatments, and may be sporting the bald look as a result. Fortunately, her cancer was caught early, and she has been given a good prognosis.

I felt compelled to take part in this challenge having lost so many to this wretched disease. I lost my mother 18 years ago... I still miss her. Even my beloved companion animals have not been spared.

Then there are those I know currently in the fight... Linda, my co-worker, who bought herself a necklace the other day because she decided that she was, in fact, going to beat her cancer and live. And my ex-mother-in-law who has been putting up a miraculous fight for over ten years! This is about nine and half years after having been given a six months to live prognosis... even her doctors are astounded. :)

And for my young friend Elijah, who at the tender age of 14, was diagnosed with brain cancer, and beat it!

So, this is for all of them, and so many others.

~My apologies for the lack of focus of free items in this posting, but I wanted a specific look, and so, a number of items were purchased outright as a result.~


Bald base- Amacci (on sale $L85 until jan. 16th. This is a tattoo base and comes with knotted updo attachment)

Manicure- Walk in the Woods- Oceane's Magical Makeover Hunt (hunt goes to Jan. 15th)

Eyes- Poetic Colors (free gift in store)

Skin- Belleza- Alyson Pale (past group gift... group join fee. Worth it!)

Shoes- Ingenue- Audrei in berry (past gift)

Earrings- U&R Dogs- Bohemian Earrings (past gift)

Clothes-Petunia- Spring Retro Sweater Set with scarf ($L100)
Cotton Capri ($L50)

Pose- LAP- Wonder Girls (past hunt prize)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I must be blog happy today or something!

Three posts in slightly more than 24 hours? What I am I thinking?

But the sexy black Viktoria dress just landed in my inventory an hour ago, courtesy of the Dare Designs MM board, and it made me want to play around with looks... which led to photos being taken, which then had to be justified by blogging! Vicious circle to be sure...

Dress- Dare Designs- Viktoria (MM board- 200 slaps to lock down)
Skin- Deviant Designs- Dolled Up (Gothmas by Gaslight hunt prize)
Hair- Clawtooth- The Eye Patch (not free) New temporary Main Store location
Eyes- Poetic Colors- Night Rain (not free)
Pose- TorridWear- past gift (Store may no longer exist? I couldn't find it)

Photos taken at barbee. I think I am in love with this sim! So gorgeous... By the way, the intrigingly disconcerting (very Clive Barker-ish!) Robot prints behind me are for sale. You could have them on your own wall... watching your every move...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Gothmas by Gaslight Goodies!

What!? You didn't believe me when I said I would show you more of the goodies in the Gothmas by Gaslight hunt? O ye of little faith...

First up, a better look at that necklace shown in my previous post...

It is called the Blood Thorn Locket, and it is the GbG prize from Amaranthus. It is beautifully detailed, and opens when clicked to reveal a tiny vial of blood!

But wait! There's more!

1001 Nights Gown- Artgear (GbG prize) Pay attention to the signs here, and they will tell you where to hunt for the bell at. This gown changes colors from fuchsia-red to purple depending on which way you are looking at it. Very intriguing, indeed! Please note: I forgot I was wearing the gloves from the Red Devil prize when I took the picture. Normally, there wouldn't be the black on the wrist.

December Vamp Skin- Grim Dolls (GbG prize) Comes with a black hair base tattoo and a shape.
Hair- Clawtooth- The Eye Patch (not free)
Pose- Croire- past hunt gift

First stop on the hunt will reward you with this dress!

Gothic Gaslight Dress- Dare Designs (GbG prize)
Dolled Up Skin- Deviant Designs (GbG prize) Again, pay attention to the signs, they will help in figuring out which area to search in.
Hair- Clawtooth- Beg Your Pardon (not free)
Pose- Dieselworks (past hunt prize)

For those yearning to get their Steam-goth on...

Agatha Dress and Hat- Rag Dollz (GbG Prize- includes one for the guys, too!)
Hair- Clawtooth- Twinkle Toast (not free)
Pose- Dieselworks (past hunt prize)

For a special evening out...

Lunir Sparkling Cocktail Dress- Snowpaws (GbG prize)
Hair- Clawtooth- You're a Star (not free)
Pose- Olive Juice- Wilkommen Burlesque Pack (on sale)

And for that special evening in...

Gothmas Corset and Stockings- aMuse (GbG prize)
Boots- Malfean Visions (part of their GbG prize)
Hair- Clawtooth- Louise Brooks (not free)
Pose- Olive Juice- Willkommen (on sale)

And that my dears is just scratching the surface of this great hunt! There's lots more including even more clothes, home decor, skins, etc...

For more information, see my previous blog entry. You will find a link to the News From the Loft blog which gives you a master list of all the stores particapating, their lm's, and often handy information about signage and so forth.

All photos taken on the beautiful and monochrome barbee. sim.

Happy hunting, and since I've not yet said this...Have a Happy New Years!

And you thought the Holidays were over!

When Axi Kurmin strongly hinted that I should do the Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt because there were some beautiful clothes prizes in it, it wasn't a simple case of self-promotion (she is one of the hunt organizers along with her partner in crime, Dare Munro) or hyperbole. I just completed the hunt last night, and all I can say is, "Wow! These are hunt prizes?"

The hunt started Dec. 15 and runs until Jan. 15th, so you have plenty of time yet to complete it. There are approximately 92 stores participating, and while there is no hint list or group for this hunt, a master list of the stores and lm's is available on the News from the Loft blog. That way if you get really, really stuck, you can just head off to the next stop!

You will be searching for a small tarnished silver bell decorated with a sprig of holly. Dare and Axi had requested that the bells not be re-sized, though I noticed that a few vendors had done so, and also that the bells be located no further than 30 meters from the landing point/hunt sign... again, a few were located a bit further than that, but the hunt blog does a good job of pointing out such anomalies.

And now, just a little teaser of two of the prizes from the hunt...

The latex ballerina dress is the prize from Red Devil Inc. (also includes a male prize!). It is just stunning, and even comes with the pair of matching ballet boots I am wearing. need this!

The necklace is the Amaranthus prize, and if you click on it, it opens to reveal a small vial of blood. Perfect for a little pick-me-up for those of you of the fanged crowd! I know the necklace doesn't show terribly well in this photo, but trust me, it is darkly beautiful.

The skin is the Christmas group gift from Natural Beauty (formerly Tic Toc). Check the notices or grab the box next to the group-join sign while wearing group tag.

The hair is one of Amacci's hair bases and attachment sets. It wasn't free, but Amacci is having a killer sale right now! All their hair styles are on sale for $L85 per color pack. Fat packs are $L295.

Also having a sale until the Jan. 16th is Olive Juice. Almost everything is discounted by 50% to 75%. The pose shown is from their recent release Willkommen: Burlesque pack which was only $L60!

The photo was taken in the graveyard of Dark Eternity Island.

Check back soon! I may be posting a few more pictures of some of the other terrific gifts from the Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt! ;)