Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letting the inner Diva out to play!

Apologies in advance for the funky layout of the page. I just started cropping my photos, and it opened up a whole new challenge in my blog page layout! lol

Fricka Morgath may be the one celebrating her Rez-day, but we get the presents! Right now, if you head on over to Frick, you will find the free gorgeous Noveria skin and corset gift.

The skin comes in two shades (sugar and blush), cleavage options, light and dark brows, and even a make-up tattoo layer, so you can glam up some of your other skins!

This is the Blush tone.

This is the Sugar tone.

The jewelry is Severus by Mariposa, which is having a going-out-of-business sale... major pout! Felicity Winslet is a talented jewelry designer and wonderful person, and while I am sorry to see Mariposa go, I wish her well on all her future endeavors.

The Exquisite Rock Diva hair I am wearing was NikitaFride's Hair Fair 2010 freebie, but I visited the store in the course of research for this blog entry, and it is now set out as a gift! It is on the floor next to one of the women's lucky chairs.

Other Credits-

Eyes- Poetic Colors (Deep Jungle- not free)
Manicure- Studio Nails (past hunt gift)
Pose- Amaris (past gift)
Belt- n-Creation (Essential Belt- not free)
Pants- Rfyre (past Twisted Hunt 2009 gift)

Photos taken in the graveyard of a newly redesigned Dark Eternity of Dare Designs

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't look now... but the Holiday Season is Upon Us!

It is the start of November, and all across the grid, SL is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, you are probably starting to get a slight, but growing feeling of panic.

But before your world explodes into a mass feeding frenzy of consumerism, *I work in retail in rl, so I thank you for that! :)* take a moment, and enjoy the sights and smells that accompany the season. Ice skating is a perfect way to start getting into the spirit of the season, and Prim and Pixel has put out a gift skating dress called Ice Princess.

This gift is only available in their Magic of Christmas shop at the Winter Holiday Village. The village is so festive that for a brief moment I swear I got a whiff of cinnamon! I haven't had time to explore the village in full yet, but I did notice that many of the stores were names that I recognize and admire.

Take a good look around Prim and Pixels' shop since there are a number of free gifts.

This scarf is one of them... perfect for that after-skating stroll through a winter wonderland! Leave the ice skating for others... it's time to warm-up with a mug of hot chocolate!

Other Credits-

Eyes- Poetic Colors (deep jungle- not free. Other eye gift available though. I know I always wear Poetic Colors... but they are the best!... imho.) :)

Skin- Mynerva (Sophie in smokey red- not free)

Hair- Amacci (Adena- fat pack FREE! There are a few other gifts too... take a look around! And join the subscribo group for some free eyes, perhaps also a skin if it is still the subscribo history)

Boots- N-Core (old group gift but still available in store along with a great pair of extreme heel white pumps. Join the group and grab the boxed gifts. The boots have three color options and come with the attached color change ankle warmers.)

Jewelry- Mariposa (part of the Noche Gown set- Midnight Mania prize-current as of this posting. Full gown blogged previously here towards the end of the posting)

Sweater and Jeans- CS Fandango (old gift)

Pose- Everglow (old gift)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the Mists of Avalon

Calling all lovers of Celtic designs, fantasy, medieval, or magic RP, the Celtic Magic Hunt is going on now! It only runs until Nov. 15th, but there are only twelve stores in it, so you have plenty of time to finish. There are even hints!

This beautiful gown is the hunt prize from EMO-tions.

Regal circlets...

Kouse's Sanctum

Avilion Mist (this one comes with color change gems! Showing the emerald here)

Mystical tattoo and necklace...

Trident- Triskel Pendent
Fallen Gods Inc.- Celtic Tattoo

That was just a teaser. There are also home furnishing, sculpt, cottage, and other prizes!

Also, Deviance is having a mini cupcake hunt... mini as in only three cupcakes to find, but also mini as in the cupcakes you are hunting for are nearly microscopic! But your reward is the stunning Drow Priestess in purple. It is really a stunning rp outfit and well worth the effort of finding those teeny, tiny little cupcakes!

Shows off the Fallen Gods tattoo beautifully, too!

If it helps (and it will!) here are the official hints for the Deviance Cupcake hunt.

1. Sit down and test your luck
2. The defenders of Lord Rahl
3. Just Whistle while you work

Have you noticed the skin I am wearing? It is a freebie, too!

Willow Skin-Fantasy is the Pilgrim Hunt prize from Style by Kira. It isn't hard to find, and there are a couple of other hunt prizes right next to it. (Top Model Hunt- a skin & MoMo Hunt- a mohawk made of mustaches) Just look for the pilgrim's hat!

I just love how this skin seems to glow from within. It is making me consider getting the non-fantasy make-up version to go with it!

Other credits-

Hair- D!va (Chihura- 5000 member group gift- free and still available. It is upstairs. Join the group and hit the board. Make sure to have a good look around upstairs. There are at least four group hair gifts out and some poses, along with several lucky chairs. There are a couple of more lucky chairs on the stair landing.)

Eyes- Poetic Colors (Sunny Glade- free to new players. Different eye gift available for everyone else)