Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deadly Nightshade at The White Armory

Just a quickie to show off the newest gift given to the White Armory group. It is called Deadly Nightshade, and is the perfect gown to go prowling through the woods late at night in. Now to find a victim for this spell that I've got all ready to cast...

Every week (usually at Midnight SLT on Sunday) a beautiful new gown is released as a group gift. There it remains for the week, until it is changed out for an equally lovely gown on Sunday.

To get yours, just join the White Armory group (it is free!), head to the store, and hit the group gift vendor near the landing point. Then each week, revisit the store to get a beautiful new gown... this is one group you will want to stay with!

Pose- Au Soleil- (Pose Fair past gift)
Eyes- Poetic Colors- (deep jungle- not free, but other eye gift in store)
Hair- Amacci- Sophia (not free)
Dress- White Armory - (group gift, a new one each week)
Skin- Mynerva (Sophie- Smokey Red- not free But grab the Think Pink Hunt skin before the hunt ends!)
Earrings- Mariposa- (past midnight mania prize)
Photo taken at Event Horizon

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It is Hunting Season!

Has anyone else noticed the abundance of hunts happening now? So many good ones... we are all going to zooming all over the grid throughout the Fall from the looks of things.

So here is just a small sampling of the things that I've picked up from just four different stores over the last two days...

From Ingenue (dress) and Tiny Bird (hair and hat) for the Seasons Hunt (Fall)

From Petunia (dress) for the Icon Hunt, and Tiny Bird (hair and hat) for the Seasons Hunt (Fall)

Closer look at the hair and hat from Tiny Bird... two styles, this one is unisex!

From Petunia (dress) for the Magic of Autumn and Clawtooth (hair) for Seasons Hunt (Fall)

From Petunia (knock-out dress including shoes!) for the What's Your Sign Hunt (Aries)

Here's a closer look at those killer candy apple red shoes! This hunt ends today (9-25), but the hunt prize was still out as of this posting. Run, run, run and get it now before Aree pulls it!

And just in time for Halloween... Petunia's offering for the Witches' Brew Hunt!

Other credits:

Eyes- Poetic Colors- Deep Jungle (not free, but other eye gift in store)
Short Black Hair- Eha- Jean (free opening gift... may still be out)
Skin- Mynerva- Sophie-Smokey Red (not free, but there's still time to grab the Think Pink Hunt gift which is a pink (duh!) make-up version from the Sophie skin line.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Envelope please! And the winner is... (drumroll)


If you haven't done the Red Seal Hunt at Rue D'Antibes, oh what you are missing! It isn't a long hunt, only 26 stops, and only a few of the prizes were what I'd call challengingly hidden. All in all, I spent less than an hour completing it. And the gifts are so very worth it! There are several home decor items, a box of textures for those builders or future builders out there, clothes, poses, hair... even a kit to build your own crypt for Halloween!

I might look a bit different than I usually look in these pictures (no doubt some will say better than normal! lol) due to the fact that I am wearing the shape and brown eyes that are the gift from Di's Opera. This gift also includes a styling card and a couple of cute poses. The shape is mod, which often isn't the case in gift shapes, and if I weren't so attached to my normal shape, I might start wearing this one! Perhaps I'll send my new alt Iolanthe after it... I'm still trying to find her "look".

Here's a peek at some of the wonderful gifts the designers at Rue D'Antibes have tucked inside those Red Seal Envelopes...

Dress- Sand and Sea

Lingerie Set- Love, Ashley Comes with several stocking options and an interactive set of three picture frames. Pose from Di's Opera hunt gift bag.

Dress- Icing Comes with a black skirt option which I previously blogged here. I left part of the black skirt option on in this picture, which gives a bit of a belted look to the dress. Pose from Di's Opera hunt gift bag.

Mini Skirt Ensemble- Wap Design

Fedora Hat- Indyra Originals

Dress- Reale Comes with long and shorter skirt options

Skull Ballet Flats- Beatnik

Pedestal Vase with Flowers- The Curious Prim

Box of Textures- Madville Textures While I don't build at this point, I'm going to hang on to this just in case I get an urge to try sometime!

And perhaps the piece de resistance of this outstanding hunt...

Gown- Fellini Couture

All items shown are gifts from the Red Seal Hunt, with the exception of:

Skin- Mynerva (Think Pink Hunt)
Hair Base- Amacci (From Hair Fair 2010 gift bag- past gift)
Items visible in background of my home
Backdrops and poses from Mooc's public photo studio

Red Seal Items not previously credited:

CIC- short style, also comes with a men's style
Raspberry Aristocrat- Updo style

Earrings- Junk

Stockings- Love, Ashley

Not shown, but I meant to show, a beautiful scarf from Zeery. While you are at Zeery, take a moment to hunt for the International Affair gift. It is a beautiful shawl representing Ecuador.

Red Seal Hunt is going on now until Oct. 4. Don't miss it! Here is the starting point.

Now to change back into me! lol

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hunting for Rockberries in the G Field

As I'm sure almost everyone has heard, Rockberry released a new group gift! Yay! It's been awhile, but this skin is well worth the wait...

The skin is called Willow, and it comes in a fat pack of skin tones with freckle options. Just join the Rockberry group, and head over to the gift giver inside the store.

Rockberry was one of the first non-newbie skins I discovered, and while I don't wear them as often as I once did, I still love them, and the only thing that would part me from my Rockberry collection would be SL eating my inventory (perish the thought!)

Also, while cleaning out my note cards today, I came across a note from G Field about a hunt that they are participating in. It is a sim-wide hunt taking place in the adjoining Roman and Taisyo Sims. If you haven't ever checked these sims out, they are well worth exploring if only for the beauty of them. You can rent a home, shop, hop a trolley, board a stern wheeler, get married at the chapel, and pray at a Shinto shrine. The gardens surrounding the shrine and chapel are a particularly lovely riot of flowers and trees.

But back to the hunt... it is in honor of a Japanese Moon Festival from what I can tell, and rabbits are associated with this lunar festival. You are hunting a small, round orangish yellow dog/rabbit creature.

I'm not quite sure how many hunt prizes there are, but I think about 18 all told. I was specifically there to find the G Field prize, and a couple of hours and about 12 prizes later, I found it. I will warn you now that it isn't anywhere near the G Field store. However, I will give you a hint... The swans would tell you where the prize is located, but they are mute.

The prize is this sweet plaid mini dress with a matching headband tied so that the bow resembles the ears of a rabbit.

I also found this cute layered t-shirt, which is the hunt prize from Lika Ruby.

This prize is unisex with prim attachments for the guys, too! And I'll give you a little hint for this one... I wonder if the seagulls would like to hear a little Chopin?

The Otsukimi hunt goes until the morning of 9-25... so hurry on over!

Other credits:

Poses: Amaris- past gift and unsure if this store still exists.

Eyes: Poetic Colors- Deep Jungle (not free, but other gift in store)

Hair: CIC- Tracy (Free hunt prize... look for the Red Seal Envelope)

Jeans: Iunno Jeans (past gift from Hair Fair 2010)

Photos taken at the chapel gardens of Taisyo sim

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Everythings coming up.... Petunia's?

With all respect for Mr. Sondheim and Mama Rose, this weekend is about Petunias and not roses.

Petunia's weekend dollarbie this weekend is the cute yellow Tiered mini skirt.

Petunia's is a somewhat recent discovery for me, and while it hasn't completely entered my regular store roster just yet... I am very impressed by the quality and value of their clothing. Petunia's clothing is a mixture of casual, classic, retro styles, that look oh-so-comfortable and stylish.

You will find the dollarbie mini skirt at the back of the store, hanging on a rack on the wall. It will also be labeled "weekend dollarbie".

While you are at the store, you might wish to hit the subscribo board to keep up to date on the current weekend dollarbie special. A few weeks back, it was a charming green cami/cardi set that I just love.

You might also wish to check out the Gypsy Autumn dress.

This dress is on sale for $L60, and the vendor is found near the entrance of the store in the window.

That's all for now! Ta-ta... and always remember to stop and smell the Petunia's!

Other credits:

Pose- Everglow (past gift)

Eyes- Poetic Colors- Deep Jungle (not free but other eye color gift in store)

Skin- Mynerva- Sophie- Smokey Red (not free but free Sophie skin can be had in the Think Pink Hunt)

Hair- Eha- Jean- Fat Pack (free opening gift, still there a couple of days ago)

Hair Base- Tiny Bird (free fat pack)

Sweater, Scarf, Baret- CS Fandango (past gift)

Socks- aDiva (past cheapie)

Boots- Hoorenbeek (past hunt prize)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On a Rainy, Foggy Late Summer Day

It looks like fall has officially arrived here on the North Oregon Coast... it is drizzly, cool, and foggy. We usually get an Indian Summer, so we may yet see a bit more of the sun before it gets put away for the winter.

But enough about the weather... on to the good stuff!

First up is an adorable fall offering from aDiva Couture called Living in Germany wearing adiva couture Mona and watching the rain.

The whole outfit costs just five little lindens, and includes the dress, undershirt and layered ruffled stockings (not the prim legwarmers though... those are attached to the boots I'm wearing). There is a catch though... it is for a very limited time! It goes away at 3 A.M. Friday (slt?) If you want it, better make it quick!

Next is a beautiful hunt item from Icing.

Look for the Red-Seal Envelope, and pick-up the Pink Coquette dress for free. It isn't a very big store, and it probably took me all of a minute to find it. The dress is a new release from Icing, and comes with a couple of color options... an all pink dress or pink and black as I am wearing.

Somedays...don't you just wish you could sprout wings and fly away from it all? It would be hard to find a prettier set of wings to do just that then the Blue Forget-me-not wings from Vita's Boudoir.

They are free in the garden... head towards the small building, and you should find them laying in the grasses just outside. There is also a free matching hat with a veil there too... so grab that while you are at it!

The dress I am wearing is called Apparition, and it is the Twisted Hunt prize at Dare Designs

And for a little Midnight Mania fun, head over to Mariposa. Mariposa has been offering some beautiful items on the MM board, everything from jewelry sets to stylish dresses. This was a recent MM prize called Noche.

The dress also included the beautifully detailed jewelry shown closer here.

Took a quick run over to Mariposa just now, and the MM board has been changed out to a jewelry prize, but with quality gifts like this, it is worth keeping an eye on. The prizes are changed up frequently, and the board has a low target (currently 30), so get there early! There is also a lucky chair close to the MM board. It is set at five minutes, and is generous with the wild cards... so your chances of picking up a goodie or two are pretty high.

Other credits...

Eyes- Poetic Colors (this color not free... but a different eye gift available)

Skin- Mynerva (free- Think Pink Hunt gift)

Hair- (in order of posting)
eha (free- Jean- opening gift at Switch Mall... still there as of this post)
Calico Ingmann- Juliette ($L10 for fat pack with color-change rose)
Amacci- (Hair base and attachment free in gift bag at 2010 Hair Fair until 9-19!)

Boots- Ncore- (Multi-color Ankle Boots- free group gift)

Photos taken at Mooc Skins photography studio

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Echos of a Forgotten Spring

Real life has been beating on me as of late... most nastily in the form of two very ill kitties that are taking most of my free time and attention. Say a prayer, or think a positive thought for them, will you? They are both very special to me.

But I thought I'd take a little escape break, and show off a skin and hair that I've gone completely head over heels with...

Mynerva is participating in the Think Pink Hunt. You are hunting for a small wrapped candy, and what a sweet reward it is! The beautiful Sophie skin in a special make-up... pink, of course!

The more I see of Mynerva's skin, the more and more I fall in love with them. They are just so well done and charming!

The hunt goes until Sept. 30th, so don't miss this truly lovely skin, even if you aren't particularly a pink person (I'm not either, but loved the skin so much I bought it in a red lipstick which you can see a little lower combined with the Ezura Steamhunt gift!)

Mynerva also has an offering for the OMG! That's Adorable Sale for $L99... check the vendor on the wall in the hallway.

The hair is an opening gift from Eha at Switch Mall. It is just completely charming, and you won't even have to fight the crowds and lag at the Hair Fair to get it! It is called Jean, and comes in a Fat Pack of several different colors.

It has been out for awhile, so if you like it, run and get it now! It seems to look best with a hairbase, so I am wearing it with the free tattoo layers from Tiny Bird.

I am normally a long hair person (in rl, my hair reaches my hips!) but this style is so cute, I've been wearing it almost exclusively since I picked it up a week or so back!


Hair- Eha- Jean Fat Pack (free opening gift)

Hairbase- Tiny Bird (free) (requires viewer that supports tattoo layers)

Eyes- Poetic Colors (past hunt gift)

Skin- Mynerva- Sophie (First two photos Think Pink Hunt prize... third photo not free)

Sweater, Cami, Scarf Set- Petunia- Spring Retro Cardi in Olive (past weekend dollarbie... but available in the Tops vendor at an affordable $L100 for the entire set! Other colors and tops available in the same vendor)

Skirt- MNK*Shop- Fleurir Skirt in Candy (lucky board item)

Socks- G Field- Ruffled socks in Mustard (free sample... join SoM group and check history, or head over to the sock vendor to the right after entering store, and click the display of the mustard socks on the wall)

SteamPunk Outfit- Ezura (Steam Hunt prize) though the pants I'm wearing were a past hunt prize from Rfyre.