Monday, May 31, 2010

The Yak is Bak!

Browsing the Flickr photos for the Fab Free blog, I noticed a picture of asian-style furniture submitted by Ashe A of the Freebietelegraph Blog. It reminded me of the items from Yak & Yeti, except... Yak & Yeti had pretty much disappeared from SL a few months back when the sim where their main store was located became a vacant sandy beach...right?

As it turns out, Ashe's picture WAS of Yak & Yeti furniture. The Yak is back at a new and beautiful location. *cue a happy dance here!*

If you haven't ever been to Yak & Yeti, you simply must go. Everything in the store is FREE! Yes, you read that right... it is all free!

They specialize in items, furniture, clothes, and jewelry from India, Nepal, and Tibet.

This is just a small selection of what is available...

Traditional clothing...

To more modern and casual...

This a picture of one of the rooms of the store, showing some of the home furnishings available.

They even had Prayer Flags! So I picked up a set for my home...yes, I know... I live in Lindenville... ;)

All the clothes, jewelry, home furnishings, and henna tattoos available for free at Yak & Yeti. There is a donation jar... please give as generously as you can!

Other credits:

Skin- Cupcakes- Blossom (May group gift... still in notices as of today 5-31) Join the group and check the group notices.

Hair- Amacci (past group gift)

Eyes- Poetic Colors- Spring Meadow (free... gift eyes color is changed periodically in the vendor)

Pose- exposeur (past free gift)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Will 'o' the Wisp at The White Armory

It's Sunday, and that means a new group gift from The White Armory. This week, it is the beautiful Will 'o' the Wisp.

The will-o-wisp haunted marshes, woods, and swamplands. While very beautiful, it was also dangerous. It would appear as a lovely, mysterious wisp of light, luring unwary travelers to their deaths.

To get this beautiful and magical gown, just join The White Armory group, wear your group tag, and touch the vendor board near the landing point. And every week, return for a different, but equally beautiful gown!

Wear Will 'o' the Wisp, and see who you can tempt! ;)

Gown- Will 'o' the Wisp- The White Armory (weekly group gift)
Hair- Amacci- Lil- Dark Copper (past group gift)
Skin- Mango, Mango!- Yummeh- Pale (past Humpday Happiness cheapie $L69)

Do Re Mi (past gift)
Spellbound (past gift)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Morea 3rd Anniversary Hunt

This is going to be a very quick posting (I should be in bed!), but I wanted to let you know there is a hunt going on at Morea in honor of their 3rd Anniversary. There are ten prizes spread over two sims. The hunt ends May 31st, but the prizes aren't terribly difficult to find. It took me about a half hour or so to find them all, and I am not exactly the cleverest hunter in SL.

Here are some of the prizes...

You will be looking for a small basket with two blocks in it.

These are beautiful, high quality items... but remember, you only have a couple more days to find them. Happy hunting!


Clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair flower- Morea 3rd Anniversary Hunt (ends 5-31-10)
Two sims: Here and here

Hair- Amacci- Adena (fat pack- past group gift... might still be in notices)

Skin- Estyle- lucky chair prize

Pose- exposeur- (past gift from Pose Fair)

Photos taken at Virtual Impressions

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's Randomness... (is that even a word?)

I don't really have a theme for this post, the only unification is that they are all freebies that I received or won on May 26, 2010. That... and the fact that I am wearing them. ;)

First off is the lovely and sexy Isn't it Romantic lingerie set from my favorite store in all of SL, Dare Designs on Dark Eternity Island.

This beautiful gift was won from the lucky chairs at Dare Designs. I wrote about the amazing outfits that can be won from these chairs in a previous post. Designer Dare Munro is amazingly talented, and his generosity is nothing short of astounding!

Being a fan of vintage style lingerie both in rl and sl, I love the bygone era feel of this set. Dare has been in a bit of a retro mood lately, with many of his new designs reflecting the romantic styles from the 30's, 40's, & 50's to the mod styles of the late 1960's- early 1970's. But he is always true to his vampiric roots, and somehow manages to put a goth feeling into all his creations.

This set is also available for purchase in a number of different colors. Currently, the vendors to buy this set are near the landing point with the other new releases.

The Skulldancer Boots are another lucky chair win from Dare Designs. Look at the cute little rows of skulls adorning and forming the heel! They remind me of The Nightmare Before Christmas. :) Like the lingerie set shown above, these boots are also available for purchase in a variety of colors. This is the teal color.

Another lucky chair/board win was this pretty green chinese inspired dress from Lika*Ruby.

The board was being very contrary when I was there, and I had to stalk it for a couple of hours before it finally decided to land on a U. The dress comes with two length options (I am wearing the shorter of the two), and I am really loving the tiny flower print of the fabric.

Did it suddenly get cold in here... or is it just me? lol Anyway, these next two items have a little something in common. Can you see what it is? ;)

I got a note card from G & G that they had a new freebie out called Alice in Wonderland. It is a cute little white mini dress with green shrug sweater with... umm... "enhancements".

I've really enjoyed the free outfits that this designer puts out from time to time... they are fun, girly, and well made. Though you don't have to be a group member to claim the gifts, joining will keep you updated when new ones are available... which is good thing, because they tend to only be out for a day or two at most. Update... I was just at the store, and remember how I said the freebie items are out for only a short time? That's right, this dress is already gone! I apologize for any disappointment, but it does demonstrate the value of being in the group! ;)

I must still be cold, since here is another "enhanced" item, a tank top from Prodigal. I must admit, I am a bit perplexed about this item... it was just sitting in my inbox when I logged on, marked as a group gift. I suspect that I must have hit the subscribo board at Prodigal at sometime or another. lol

The cut of this shirt is a bit different, more elegant from most of the tank tops. The orange/red color is certainly eye-catching,...and once it catches their eye, it gives them something to ogle, too! Plus it makes my abs look great! Update... I visited this store also, and the tank is the subscribo group gift for May. And if you check the subscribo history, it looks like there are still a few other past months gifts available. I found at least two more, and they were delivered, but I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

And finally... a couple of skins won from lucky chairs at two different stores...


And like most of Estyle's lucky chair skins, it is just a single skin packaged with a shape and an eyebrow shaper (neither shown here). It is also the skin I am wearing in all the pix shown above.

And Cupcakes!

This one came as a fatpack of skins with a turtleneck sweater.

Other items shown:

Eyes- Poetic Colors (free, but will be of a different color)
Eyelashes- Symphony Skins (free- look on dressing table on back wall)
Hair- Maitreya (not free)
Jeans- Peer- (past hunt prize)

Poses by:
Amaris (past gift)
Vivaposes Stair Unit (past gift)
Animate This- Free at Fab Free HQ
Everglow (past gift)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Age of Romance at The White Armory

Divinity Gown (past week)

Have you seen the beautiful gowns coming out of The White Armory? Better yet... have you joined The White Armory group, and gotten these some of these beautiful gowns for FREE?

These dresses would have set you back $L899 a piece if you bought them, and they would have been worth every linden. The detailing and care that goes into the design of them is breathtaking. To get them for free feels almost criminal!

Each week, a new dress is available to White Armory group members for free. Just join the group, head over to the main store, find the weekly dress vendor near the landing point, and click the the vendor! Make sure you are wearing your group tag! The dress has been changing on Sunday nights, so you still have a few days to get over there and grab the current offering (shown at start of blog). There is also a very nice sword (Guys... you weren't forgotten!) that is free to group members in the same area.

Past weeks dresses

Midsummer's Eve Gown (two weeks ago)

Victorian Princess Gown (last week)

Exodi just sent out a beautiful fat pack of skins to Subscribo members a couple of days ago. It is still available in the Subscribo history. Just head over to the main store, hit the Subscribo board, and then check the history for the May 23 posting. I just chose a couple to show off, but they come in a wide range of skin tones.

Estyle Skins has just added some new skins to the lucky chairs, and I was fortunate enough to nab one off the lucky chair when I walked into the store yesterday. It is a beauty, and even comes with a shape and eyebrow shaper (not shown, but I did try the shape on, and it is really lovely!)

This is also the skin shown in The White Armory photos!


Estyle- Silver 5 X3 (Lucky Chair)

Exodi- Lily v2- Girlie (Subscribo gift)

Poetic Colors (free to new avis, different color gift to everyone else)

Eye Lashes-
Symphony Skins (free on dressing table)

Clawtooth (Lovely Liz- Not Free)

Blue Lace Outfit-
Seldom Blue- Sexy Stella Dressing Gown (Not Free)

Vintage Dresses
The White Armory- (weekly group gift)

exposeur- (past freebies from Pose Fair)

Super Model Pose Hud (Pixy's Pose Hud) Won it from a MM board awhile back, but I don't recall where. No information found under "properities" Sorry!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Anti-Pastel Day!

Now don't get me wrong! I love wearing pastels, but I've been wearing a lot of them lately, so today, I just had to go with basic black!

Actually, it started out because of a note card from Mischief. Because of the pending changes to XStreet Marketplace, Janie Marlowe will be pulling her items out of the Market until the dust settles. But for this week, she is having a sale on all her items on XStreet... everything is $L30... even the Greedy Packs! She admits that these are some of her earlier items, but there are still a ton of goodies to be had. So go take a look at what she has up for sale, and snag yourself a bargain or two or a dozen! This sale won't last forever, and if I understood her note correctly, she will be deleting these items (or at least many of them) from her hard-drive. Grab them now if you have your eye on something!

The skirt I am wearing is one of those items. It is called Zippity Do (can you see all the little zippers in the pleats?) and for $L30 you get a fatpack of 7 colors. I contemplated purchasing it while back in-world, but opted for something else when it came time to hit the "buy" button. I am very happy to have it now! *does the happy dance*

The skirt inspired me to go with a biker chick look... not my normal style, but it is fun to try out new looks, right? After trying a few items from my inventory, I settled on the leather jacket from 19 Motorcycle Shop. I picked this free item up months ago, and decided I'd better go and see if it was still available before blogging it... and it is!

It is a great looking jacket with nice detailing, and comes with two prim options to fit both men and women. It is a logo item (store design on back), and while I usually avoid wearing items with logos both in SL and RL, the design is attractive and actually enhances the look of the jacket. It also comes with dark glasses that I am wearing.

While I was there, I also picked up the ear piercing (just a single earring for the left ear, but I just copied it, renamed the attachment point, and fit it to the right ear to make a set), and another set of sunglasses with dark but translucent lens.

Mixing and matching pieces from my inventory completed the look! Then off to Tableau for a quick photo shoot... Now I just need an old man and a hog. ;)

Eyes- Poetic Colors- Sunny Glade- free to new avis

Hair- Tiny Bird- Postcards from Italy- not free

Manicure- La Boheme- Dark Katz Hunt Prize

Skin- Belleza- Elle BL Pale (cleavage)- Past Group Gift ($L250 join fee)

Tattoo- Pididdle- Cold Cold Heart- Past Hunt Prize

Jacket, glasses, and earrings- OneNine- FREE!

Gloves and Stockings- Dare Designs- Miss B Have Outfit- Not free But many great items in the Lucky Chairs and MM (see my Dec. 3, 2010 post for more details on this store)

Boots- Maitreya- SoHo Boots (black)- Gift in Subscribo History

Skirt- Mischief- Zippity Do Skirts (Greedy Pack)- $L30 on Xstreet


Striking Poses- Marlon Brando- Free at Fab Free HQ

EverGlow- Past Gift Pose (perhaps from Pose Fair?)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a quickie posting since I haven't posted anything ages! But between working, being in a musical, and singing in a local choir... there hasn't been much time for anything but grabbing a freebie here and there!

But despite trying to be three places at once, and not succeeding at it (big surprise there!), I have managed to add some wonderful items to Quinn's wardrobe. Some are free... others are not.

The beautiful hair that I am wearing in this is one of those not-free items, but I've fallen in love with it. It is Lovely Liz in the Exquisite Reds Pack from Clawtooth. Bubbles Clawtooth is designing some of the prettiest, most touchable looking hair in SL. I have spent more than a few hours drooling about the store in Tableau, trying on demo after demo, and wishing that I had more lindens to spend! lol They are all so soft and feminine, and many would be beautifully suited to vintage styles. Sigh... I think this is what true love must feel like...

If you haven't paid a visit to the G Field subscribo board yet... hop to it! It won't take up a group space, and the gifts are luscious! As of last week, the green chiffon top and lavender boots were still in the subscribo board (check the history! After you've joined, just hit the board again, look at the posted messages, and click the ones you want to read.) Both have been there for quite sometime, so I don't know how long they will remain available. If you like what you are seeing, go sooner rather than later to check on them. Both items are beautifully detailed, and of excellent quality. And as of this posting (I just checked five minutes ago! lol), both items are still in the history (message dates- April 20 for the boots, and Feb.28 for the top.)

The jeans are a Subscribo gift from WoE. WoE specializes in grunge clothing, and even though that isn't a style that I am normally drawn to, WoE's clothing is of such high quality that I am becoming a regular visitor to the store. Recently, WoE and Exodi have teamed up, and offered some wonderful free clothing and skin items. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on this store.

The spiked cross choker is from PERTURB/ation and is the group gift for Pluto+. Join the group, wear the group tag, then go to the store, and click the vendor for the choker. It is beautifully done (down to the visible braiding of the leather cord!), and comes with both a men's and women's version and a choice between spine or chest attachment points.

Pose- Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute- past gift for The Deck Anniversary

Eyes- Poetic Colors- The color I am wearing is free to new avis, but there is another color out free to everyone!

Hair- Clawtooth- Lovely Liz (Exquisite Reds Pack)- Not Free

Skin- Belleza- Elle BL Pale (past group gift... $L250 join fee. While there are currently no group gifts in the notices, you can be assured that future gifts given to this group will be worth far more than the joining fee!)

Boots- G Field- Short Lace-up Boots (lavender) Subscribo... check history

Top- G Field- Off-shoulder Chiffon Top (green) Subscribo... check history

Necklace- PERTURB/ation- Group Gift

Jeans- WoE- Tribal Jeans (moss) Subscribo Gift