Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Ruthmas!

Should have read Merry Christmas... but SL decided that I should look like Ruth for Christmas! It would have been funny, if it hadn't taken me over an hour of research, debugging, clearing and reloading my substanial cache, and other assorted attempts to correct my... please forgive my swedish (chef)... borked avatar.

Finally, I was able to fix the issue by downloading Viewer2 (I'm normally a Phoenix user), and getting at my avatar that way. I was able to put my shape, skin and eyes back on. I must say that I really didn't like the interface of Viewer2, but I was a bit agitated at the time. Perhaps I'll go back and take a look at it again when my patience isn't already worn thin. But at any rate, I was grateful that I was able to pull myself back together again in Viewer2, and when I went back in-world in Phoenix, everything was fine. Yay!

Now... onto a few last holiday goodies...


Eyes- Poetic Colors- Christmas Dreams- free in eye vendor
Skin- YS & YS- Group Gift under tree (three presents here! skin, boots (shown), and jewelry (not shown)- Wear your group tag ~note skin not freckled, but freckle tattoo layer is included!
Hair and Hat- Truth- subscribo gift (yay! Also has a gift hair for the guys!)
Sweater- Purplemoon- Christmas gift (actually part of a dress)
Jeans- Blacklace- free (in gift box with assorted bras and panties)
Boots- YS & YS- Group Gift under tree- Wear your group tag

Poses- Di's Opera (past gift)
Photos taken at Event Horizon

*Most of these items are Christmas gifts, and it being Christmas today, they could vanish very quickly*

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And the Gifts Keep a-Comin

Happy Holidays to everyone!

It's been hard for me to blog lately... too many RL commitments, but also with so many wonderful gifts being showered upon us by all those generous creators, it has been hard to pick and choose what to blog. Talk about an embarrassment of riches!

But here's a couple of quickies at any rate.

Everything in these first two photos with the exception of the eyes and shape (my personal) was free. The sheer White Roses dress and matching hairpiece are from Fellini Couture, and can be found under the Christmas tree on the Rue d'Antibes sim. There are a lot of other gifts under that tree, including this hair from Calico Ingmann. The fatpack of hair is festooned with scripted Christmas lights (including a mouth attachment) so you can change the light colors or decide to go sans lights like I did. Don't miss this is a wonderful gift! I love all the little whispies framing the face.

This pretty Chinese-inspired dress is a group gift from Lika*Ruby. The group is free to join, and if you are new to the group, you will also receive a welcome gift of a charming black and white dress in a similar style. While you are there, try your luck at the lucky board for a beautiful green dress.

While the hair is not free, it was on sale! Right now until the end of the month, Clawtooth is having a half off sale of everything (excluding discounted items and fatpacks) in the store, including new releases! That is a mere $L137 per color pack! This style is called Louise Brooks, and I am wearing the Red-eye-flight from the Exquisite Reds pack. I love how Bubbles has shaped the back... many moons ago, I wore my hair in a very similar style and loved it! I'm a big fan of Clawtooth's hair, and all I can say, is half-price sale or not, Bubbles Clawtooth took me for a lot of lindens last night! *shakes fist in mock anger*

The skin is from Heaven's Gate (no relation to the infamous comet cult!), a store that is completely new to me. From what I can tell, everything is free there, including this skin which is a pretty sepia-toned goth skin. I am wearing it in all three of the photos... it just looks different because I was playing around with the Windlight settings!

Some of the gifts will require that you join the group, or be a new player (30 days or younger), but even if you don't fit those requirements, there are still plenty to choose from. There are even some skins for the guys, a pack of eyes, AO's, and a few clothes. These are nice quality skins, and it looks like most of the skins come with shapes and eyebrow shapers.

Also, grab the Christmas gift as you enter the store... it is the little gingerbread man on the lower right side of the entrance. I almost missed it!

Other credits:

Eyes- Poetic Colors- Night Rain ($L200... but there is a different color available there as a free gift)

Photos taken at My Nirvana public photo studio

Friday, December 10, 2010

Flown the Coop!

I've flown the coop, but during my escape, I banged my nose against the bars. Ouch! Nothing that a little band-aid won't fix!

The skin is called Ouch! Black Ice is Hazerdous! and it is the Happy Holidays Hunt prize from Grixdale (formerly Tyranny Designs). It is in the Cream tone, and comes with several options of cleavage and dimples. It also comes packaged with five slippey-slidey poses... no wonder it comes with bumped nose! Well worth (more than actually!) the $10L price.

The Magic Mushroom tattoo is a reward from Para Designs. Para Designs is currently hosting four different hunts (A Very Depraved Christmas, Rock Bottom, ZombiePopcorn, and Nightmare Before Christmas hunts), and just for fun, they've done something a little different.... The four hunts each contain one part of the complete Magic Mushroom Tattoo, but if you find all four of the hunt prizes, copy down your transaction history from local chat and paste it into a notecard. Follow the rest of the instructions contained in the notecard that comes with each of the hunt prizes, and you will be sent the complete Magic Mushroom tattoo in several color and black intensities... plus it will be put all together, so you don't have to try and layer four different layers just to wear the complete tattoo. Pretty clever, huh? Not to mention fun!

And just in case you think that there are no other eyes besides Poetic Colors in my inventory, I am wearing the free Frozen Eyes from Umedama Holic. They are inside the basket on the bar along with a second free pair called Gemstone.


Hair- Amacci- Beata- Modern Red- (not free)

Skin- Grixdale (Formerly Tyranny Designs)- Ouch! Black Ice is Hazerdous in Cream- Happy Holidays Hunt (look for the scroll and buy for $10L)

Eyes- Umedama Holic- Frozen Eyes- Free

Tattoo- Para Designs- Magic Mushroom- Free reward for finding all four hunt items

Top- Crimson Shadows- Gothic Black Corset- (store no longer exists)

Skirt and Leggings- Grixdale- A Very Deprave Christmas Hunt (look for a bag of coal)- Free!

Boots- Bax Coen- Prestige Boots- Red Suede- (not free but oh so very nice!)

Necklace- Old Dirty Bastards- A Very Depraved Christmas Hunt- free


Grixdale- part of the Happy Holidays hunt prize ($10L with the skin)

Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute- old gift from the Deck anniversary

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chilling by the camp fire...

Keep that fire going good...because baby, it's cold outside!

At least, I look cheery and warm. Burrrr....


Eyes- Poetic Colors- Deep Jungle-not free, but there is a free eye gift in store

Hair & Hair Base- Amacci- Lily in Modern Red- not free, but other gifts in store

Skin- Mynerva- Sophie in Smokey Red- not free

Nails- La Boheme- Nightmare Before Christmas Hunt (two other hunt prizes are also there!)

Tattoo- V Tattoo- Swallows- currently in MM Board

Cowboy Boots- J's- past hunt freebie

Scarf- Zenith Fashions- free inside their For the Love of Ice festival store. Also, there are many snowflakes hidden around the sim... they are hard to spot, but are filled with wonderful gifts from different designers participating in the festival.

T-shirt & pants- paper.doll- Zombie Popcorn hunt prize

Tartan Jacket- Prim & Pixel- free at their Christmas Village Holiday shop

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'd forgotten I'd been planning to blog about these free cute pants from Rude Rebel! *beats head on the keyboard* So, this is just a quickie with very boring photos! The pants are really cute though... also shown are the free Intrinsic Tanks (huge fat pack of colors in the easel) and Loop de Loop scarves (free four color pack on the vendor for the scarves) from Jane.

The last set is labeled as being a pair of tights, and comes with a pair of black legwarmers. It isn't free like the other three pairs of pants, but is a cheapie at a $1L. The striped tights can be found in a vendor on the pillar just inside the store's entrance. You may land in water, since there is a pond about two feet away from the entrance... so don't wear your best suede boots!

Pose by Diesel Works from the Diamond is Mine hunt prize. See the next posting down for full listing of credits and LM's. :)

The boots are a past hunt prize from Heartsick.

Silent Sparrow in the Snow

Here it is December, and much of SL has transformed into a winter wonderland! So many places to visit and so many things to do...

Silent Sparrow has two beautiful free outfits that compliment the silvery frosty beauty that we find ourselves surrounded with.

First up, the aptly named Frost Suit.

There is a catch with this freebie (and my apologies to anyone who might be disappointed)... it is only available to new avatars 30 days or younger. I wasn't going to blog it due to that reason, but I love it so much that I just had to! So, grab that poor hapless newbie player (the outfit is unisex!) you've taken under your wing, and bring them on over to Silent Sparrow. Or make your own minty fresh alt, and grab it yourself! True, it isn't transferable, but your new alt will have a killer new outfit!

The second outfit is available to everyone as far as I can tell, and is from the Silent Sparrow kiosk at the Gnubie Store. You remember the Gnubie Store, right? Hopefully you found it shortly after your rez-day... it is so much better than those freebie warehouses that it seems most newbies find themselves at.

My first skins came from the Gnubie Store... the Eloh Eliot skins, and I wore them for months before I started collecting other skins through hunts, group gifts, and purchases. While I rarely wear them any longer, the Eloh skins served me well when I was still finding my way in SL, and I remember them fondly and still have them in my inventory.
If you haven't been to the Gnubie Store in awhile, perhaps it is time for a second look! I just picked up a Pixeldolls top from there, along with a dollarbie pair of jeans from Random Fashions.

Other credits:

Eyes- Poetic Colors- past gift, new Christmas eye gift now available. And if you're still dragging that newbie around, have them grab the Sunny Glade new players gift from the sandwich board outside the entrance!

Skin- Lara Hurely- Love*Blue Skin- Free gift in store

Hair- eXceSs- Bug in Pink- Diamond is Mine hunt(hunt is over but the prize was still up as of this posting. Hint- Diamonds ruin your fishnet shirt)

Eye Make-up (tattoo layer)- Frick- past Rez-day gift (no longer available)

Necklace- Bliensen + MaiTai- Diamond is Mine (hunt over but prize was still up as of this posting. Hint- You say Ottobre, I say October, let's call the whole thing... Hey! What's that sparkling way up there?)

Posies- Fae pose- Past hunt gift
Diesel Works- Diamond is Mine- Hunt is over, but prize was still available as of this posting. Hint- That's great discount, but does this wall make me look fat?) And grab the Peace on Earth hunt gift while you are there! :) The Zombie Popcorn prize may also be out, but that one I didn't find on my flyby stop for the LM... will have to return and make a better search of the area soon!

Photos taken at the beautiful Calas Galadhon sims.