Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let the Bright Seraphim...

Rejoice! (sorry... I was a vocal major in college, and always end up with that Handel aria stuck in my head when thinking about the Seraphim group)

Yesterday, the folks at Seraphim blog announced that nearly 50 designers had contributed thank you gifts for their inworld group members.

Just join the Seraphim in-world group (free!), head over to their new HQ, and start gathering up your goodies! This is the second time that members of the Seraphim group have gotten spoiled recently, so you might want to stay tuned to this group.

These aren't my favorite photos that I've ever taken, but I've tried to showcase many of the gifts... keep in mind that everything shown below, EXCEPT for my hair, eyes, shape (in most of the photos), collar, and backgrounds, are free gifts from Seraphim HQ. And this isn't everything by a long shot!

So here we go....

Shown in the photos above are gifts from (listed in mostly alphabetical order, and forgive me if I miss you!)- Anatomy, Cheeky Pea, croire, Forsaken, Fuzzy Bee, Hysteria, Insanya, Leri Miles Designs, LouLou&Co, Magnifique, Melino Style, Michigans Shack, Mock, Molichino, Oasis Furniture, Razorblade Jacket, STaTUS, Step inSide, The Strawberry Box, TuttiFruitti, Wrong, Es' cusi, SweetAntidote, and alterego.

As you can see, there is a bit of everything... skin, make-up, tattoos, shoes, clothes, furniture, food items, outdoor decor, poses, shapes... even a motorcycle that I didn't show! And I forgot to show the gift from The Sea Hole, but they have one there, too!

So what are you waiting for? Get on it! :)

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