Monday, October 31, 2011

Have a Boo-tiful Halloween

Call it Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Night of the Great Pumpkin, or whatever ;), tonight is a night for fun, fantasy, candy, and celebration!

If you are looking for something a bit more exotic and sexier than your normal ghost, witch, superhero, etc.... head over to Helter Skelter, join the update group (free!), and then snag the beautiful Exotic Spice slave girl ensemble in a special halloween edition.

The top is actually semi-sheer (I created a bit of masking on an undershirt layer just for modesty purposes while I was collecting LMs for this post).

Going wonderfully with these silks, is a gorgeous new hair from Clawtooth! It is called Modern Gibson, and while it isn't free, I just couldn't help but show it off... I've been waiting on a well done Gibson Girl style for sometime now. Muriel's had a lovely one, but unfortunately, it hasn't been available since the store closed up a couple of years back. *pout* An early alt of mine has it, but I wanted one for me, doggone it!

I'd considered sending Bubbles Clawtooth a picture of it, and begging (on hands and knees if need be) to have something similar made. Fortunately, it didn't come to that... Bubbles heard my prayer (and if I read the notecard correctly... the prayers of others who DID get around to requesting a gibson girl style), and because Bubbles loves us all... voila!... we now have not one, but two!, gibson girl styles to choose from. The second is called More, More, More and has a bit of a 1940's flair to it. To see More, More, More, you will just have to go to Bubbles' store and check it out. ;) Big muah to Bubbles... you've made me a very happy (gibson) girl!

Be spook-tacular tonight!

Other credits-
Poses- Body Language, Manifique Poses- past gifts
Skin- LAQ (Phoebe2- not free)
Lipstick- Amacci (Jenny- Nutmeg lip tattoo- part of free skin pack in subscribo history)
Manicure- La Bohome (past gift)
Mask- Dedalo (not free)
Eyes- Poetic Colors (free, blogged previously)
Earrings- Primalot (Hortensia- past gift)
Collar and cuffs- Earthstones (not free)

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