Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taste of SL Hunt

Yikes! I know I've said it before... only this time it is REALLY! long time no post! Like ten months, no post! *shakes head*

Anyway, there is a great hunt going on right now, and the prizes are just too good to miss! It is, of course, the Taste of SL Hunt (probably caught that from the title of this post though, huh?)

The hunt started on October 1 and runs until October 15... so just a couple more days to go. But it is a relatively small hunt (41 stores). I managed to complete the entire hunt in just a few hours.

Now... let's check out my favorite gifts, shall we?

A cute flowered top from Sleeping Koala

From Bounce... the Kate Tank Top and Jeans set

Also shown... the cute glasses from Acid & Mala

You are looking at the shoes now, right? :) They are the prize from Baby Monkey.

Here's a better look at them...

From Pink Outfitters... a military inspired jacket

Sakide is offering the Time for Fall top and skirt as their hunt gift.

And a weird angle making me look like I've got the biggest hand in the world! *wiggles her gigantic fingers at you* Scared? You should be...

This set also comes complete with a pair of clogs... not shown.

From DCNY, the sexy and lush Button Down Shirt in harvest... I love this color!

The delicate padlock heart necklace I've been wearing is the gift from Lacuna It even has a tiny, tiny little key on it.

The giant chess set that I've been posing with is the hunt gift from eXpression

WARNING***WARNING***WARNING***WARNING***WARNING*** The next two images show the prizes from Blacklace, and while they aren't really all, at least one of them would not be acceptable to wear in a PG sim! ;)

First up the ToSL gift from Blacklace.

And the gift from the Pumpkin Prints hunt (the hunt targets aren't hidden and they are side by side, so make sure to grab both while you are there)

And if you haven't already done so, pop on over to Poetic Colors and pick up the new free eyes. They are called Autumn Moon, and they are an intriguing mix of golden brown and lavender. And though my picture doesn't show it, there is the reflection of the moon in them.
Poetic Color eyes are the best eyes on the grid IMO, and Lano Ling spoils us all by always having a free gift set out. Thank you Lano!

Other credits:
Poses- Animate This, Di's Opera (past gifts)
Hair- Amacci (not free)
Skin- LAQ- Pheobe 2 in fair (not free)
Beauty marks- Tuli (past member gift... fee to join)
Opal Collar- Earthstones (not free)

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